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Monday 16 September 2013

Now you know what we did this summer!

What a summer we had! The weather, GREAT! The idea of being a travelling family in the south of the country, WONDERFUL! All the events we planned to attend, INCREDIBLE! The reality...CRUSHING!
To be totally honest, this summer almost finished us off. We booked up several events (lots of money going out) online events took a dive as we couldn't manage to keep up the momentum AND live this dream summer. People attending the events seemed to find it hard to part with their pennies on the whole. So...not much money coming in all round, leaving us feeling very bruised and down hearted. Add to that the joke of a delivery service from Royal Mail, we did wonder about packing the whole lot up and selling our stock. Heart breaking! 

That said, it hasn't been all bad. We got great feedback about our jewellery making and badge making on the stall. Lots of people seemed to love that and because we do it for low prices, we didn't make our fortune. Would I change it though? No, probably not because we do love to see people enjoying craft.  The boys enjoyed their holiday time, absolutely loved it. I was so sad when we had to face reality and stop. We just couldn't afford it in the end.  

Running your own business is a real roller coaster of a ride. We are still pretty green and learning a lot as we go along. I don't mind admitting we made some bad decisions.     

Now we are settling into a new season. The nights are drawing in, there is a chill in the air and rain on the window. I don't feel glum though. I am feeling very positive about our new website and getting back in touch with my customers and fellow businesses on facebook and all around. It's not so bad to cosy up and batten down the hatches when I have such warmth coming from my laptop and all the lovely people inside it!

                            Take a look at our new website! 

Talking of lovely people. I have to say I do owe a GREAT BIG thank you to all those who have supported us and stood by us when things have been so tough. From my friends I see in the flesh, ever smiling with a warm cup of tea for me, despite my varying moods and storms over-spilling. Thank you. Thank you from my heart. To those who chat to me on facebook, we have never met but, you are there and treat me like an old friend and always come out like a little army if anyone offends the Beadysmyth name! You amaze me and I feel so blessed to have you by my side. 

So, there you have it. We are human. We make mistakes, we battle on. 

We have big ideas for the future and would love it if you came along! 

Kath, Tim and the Beadysmyth team x      

Monday 15 July 2013


Some really great things are happening here at Beadysmyth! We have been enjoying attending our events and been inspired by the really lovely feedback we have been getting. So many people out there are very grateful to see us offering jewellery and badge making at such low prices.  We have decided to add other crafts to the list too. We do hope that if you are at any of the events we attend you will pop over and see us! Here is a list of what we currently offer.
Badge making £1
Bracelet making £1
Keyring making £1
Necklace making £2
Junk modelling £1
Following on from the success of our stall we have opened a new facebook page BEADYSMYTH PARTIES  Available for local events we can come along to your venue and charge the above prices or you can book us for private parties for only £5 per head and each person can make one of each of the above! How's that for value?! £60 minimum charge. We currently offer this in the South Gloucestershire area. Please do email me for more information We are also going to be offering a bead box and a badge making machine available for hire. We can also provide jewellery making kits from £1 each. Ideal for kids parties, hen nights and fund raising events. 

Another new facebook page is also now open for business BEADYSMYTH GIFTS if you would like anything made especially for you or a loved one, I'm sure I can help you out.

You can now keep up with all our ONLINE events by clicking on the profile picture LATEST ONLINE EVENTS of the Beadysmyth page.

Thank you for your kind support.

Kath, Tim and the Beady team x

Monday 24 June 2013

Our latest event is an online auction


Lots of delicious beads and findings up for grabs in our facebook auction. Pop in and take a look. It ends on Wednesday 9pm 


Saturday 22 June 2013


Just a little reminder that you can bead shop until you drop on facebook! Click on the link above to take you right there. 

To take part all you have to do is leave a comment under the photos and let me know how much of each item you would like.

Send me your email address and then I will send your invoice once the sale is over.

Easy peasy! 

Kath and the Beadysmyth team! x

Monday 17 June 2013

New week, new event to look forward to !

It's a busy time here at Beadysmyth! Packing up the orders from the last sale and heading straight into the next one on Friday. It's hectic and crazy, just like me really ha!
The winner of the lucky dip draw this weekend was Stella Owen Hibbert! Congratulations to you. A beady big £5 lucky dip will be added to your order. 
Everyone who buys from the sale is entered into the lucky dip draw.
It's SO easy to take part. All you have to do is comment on the photo, let me know how many you would like of the item and then we will send you an invoice to your email address.

You can pay via PayPal, bank transfer or postal order (GBP) I do post worldwide (I weigh your parcel to calculate the P&P) In the UK I have capped the P&P at £3, that means you NEVER have to pay more than that and sometimes it is less. (It depends how much you order).

We only use Royal Mail First Class Recorded delivery in the UK. I send you the code for your parcel once it has been posted.

Thank you all for your support.

Kath and the beady team.

Saturday 15 June 2013

The online event is happening NOW!

Hi everyone! Just a little reminder that the online event is NOW ON and you can join it HERE More items will be added tonight.

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing.

Kath and the beady team x